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Breaking News: California Life Properties, Inc. announced a 100% COMMISSION MODEL

California Life Properties, Inc. announced its revised commission structure and policy updates on a company-wide conference call, Friday February 2, 2018. Company Principal Bryan Forrest spoke to cyber security, increased call volume handling, industry shifts, leadership roles and how the company delivers its value proposition over three major markets.

Most notable of topics, the firm has moved from a traditional commission split model to a 100% capping program. An aggressive move that demonstrates the firm’s ability to adapt and shift with a rapidly changing industry. Administrative Director Rita Terry along with the firms back office support provider made adjustments effective January 1st. to implement a 100% commission plan for each California Life Properties Realtor. Under this model, newer Realtors entering the industry will have a significant advantage to reinvest their extra money back into their business for sustainable growth. Seasoned Realtors with an existing book of business (4 million in sales volume) or more, will be supported by a commission model that allows for team building, investment into new technologies and education for greater success. Creating a synergy between commission structure and what the company is truly known for.

California Life Properties is built on strong community ties, deep agent culture and a fun lifestyle image within the industry.  “Commission structure isn’t our value proposition- serving people is,” said Forrest on Friday’s call. He went on to say, “Realtors join the company because of its culture and service area that is positioned to help more than 80,000 people move each year between Orange County, Inland Empire and Desert locations. Adopting this model just brings an added layer of value and opportunity for full time professional Realtors. In addition, creates questions for Realtors not currently with the firm to re-evaluate their business practices with regard to income, office culture, growth plan, team building and community strength. Questions this firm has answered for four years.”


SRES Agent Gigi Garner Delivers ‘The Aging of America” 

Presenting at this months company business meeting, Gigi Garner, SRES designated. Her passion shined through as she educated CLP Realtors on our aging population. A fact shared that by 2035 one in three households will be headed by someone 65 or older. Also, by the same year the number of 85 years old will double in population to 24 million. Gigi’s desire to educate and help people in our communities is what drives her to present information and make a difference in the lives of our seniors.

California Life Properties Sponsors “Panda Warmers” | St. Mary Medical Center

The company announced it’s sponsorship towards Panda Warmers for St. Mary Medical Center neonatal unit. Complimenting the company’s commitment to its current monthly support of providing purple wash clothes” sacred moment” between nurse and new moms. You can visit our public business page at this link to learn more;  Purple Wash Cloth Program