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Business Meeting Success written by admin June 13, 2017

California Life Properties showcased its marketing at this months business meeting. Company agents, leadership and affiliates gathered to learn, share and participate in this business building event. Escrow officer Lori Robinson delivered an incredible training on the cause of delayed escrows. Teaching from experience, Lori connected with her audience through a series of events that can cause escrows to be delayed or cancel. Company agents were taking notes and now better equipped to advise and guide clients through challenging escrows. Production leaders were recognized as well for the month of May. Recognized production leaders:

Closed Units: Nick Barnes, Asha Ramirez, Alicia Madole Amy Winkel and Laura Bohnstedt

New Escrows: Sophia Barnes, Roxanne Wilson, Sandra Salcido, Andrea Sandoval and Susan Hayes

Internship Program Launch written by admin June 9, 2017

On Friday June 9th, the company launched its much anticipated Internship Program. Recently licensed agents and those with more experience looking to re-launch their careers joined Business Development Leader Cindy Bostick and Broker Bryan Forrest for session one. Mindset, and program introduction set the stage for the remaining 7 sessions. Each Friday this group of professionals work on building their business with class room, field instruction and assignments to achieve the goals they ultimately set. Follow their journey as they launch and in some cases re-launch their careers on any of the company’s Facebook fan page(s).

Golden Retriever “Riley’s” Journey  written by admin June 1, 2017

True to the company’s core values, Riley is a 5 year old Golden Retriever looking to make a difference. He and his handler Lindsey Forrest continue on their journey to become CGC certified and ultimately, provide pet therapy sessions for seniors and children in hospitals and care facilities in area’s the company serves. Both have learned and accomplished a lot over the past 16 weeks of training. From here, they both have a few more weeks before testing and moving onto private organizations and ready to participate in company events. California Life Properties is a pet friendly company and Realtors learn how to list, show and sell homes with household pets.