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California Life Properties, Inc. announced that the firms Advisory Board and Officers appointed Linda Pope as Vice President of Operations. She will focus on strengthening community relationships, growth and profitability in the High Desert, Inland Empire and Orange County markets. Pope, joined the firm in January 24, 2017 as an experienced Realtor with a strong vision, energy and drive to accomplish great things.

“It’s exciting to have Linda step up and I am incredibly proud of everything our team has accomplished together in just a few years,” said owner, Bryan Forrest. “We’ve made meaningful progress helping families with home ownership and connecting our firm to communities we serve. Accomplishment’s that have made an impact on so many lives and that fuels us to do better. We are hitting record numbers in production, increasing market share and contributing hundreds of volunteer hours and financial support to several incredible organizations and hospitals that in turn drives our passions for people, pets and community.”

Linda plays a key role in our firm and should you have an interest in learning more, feel free to reach out to her.

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As Principal Broker, Bryan spends his time creating opportunity for the firm, community and industry he serves. He's spent nearly two decades learning, consulting and teaching Realtors and leaders how to launch, grow and achieve their real estate goals. Currently, Bryan is a California Association of Realtors Director and serves on several local and state committees. He also serves on Board of Directors for East Valley Association of Realtors and appointed President for 2021. Specific committees at the state level include; Investment housing, Global Real Estate Forum an Nominating committee.

With a well respected team of professionals working each major market, the company is well positioned to continue serving and growing. Bryan is best known for creating a culture of productivity in his offices and developing a leadership team to excel in their roles.

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As Managing Partner of CLP @ Redlands, my goal is to help you succeed. Leading this location is a dream come true and together, help launch or re-launch your real estate career is my passion.

As your Realtor, I will be an advocate for you. Whether you are buying or selling I will work tirelessly to promote your best interests. If you are selling, I’ll work with you to get you the best price, in the least amount of time, by using all available resources, technology, team collaboration and California Life Properties superior marketing materials and strategies. If you are buying, I will work hard to provide you with the best information and market data to help you make an informed decision prior to negotiating your best offer.

My team understands that buying and selling real estate is stressful. As your Realtor, we will work together to make this experience a positive one. You’re welcome to scroll through my inventory of properties and call, text or message any questions you may have.

To learn more about my real estate practice, please click on my social media icons or call directly.

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Kayla Lowry holds a key position within the firm. Her administrative expertise in back office programs and file management support is unmatched. Her executive level role includes managing personnel files, record keeping and accounting.

She is also a certified Transaction Coordinator and brings significant value to California Life Properties, Inc.

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Lindsey Forrest provides support to CLP leadership. Specifically, working with company leadership and operating systems the company uses to deliver exceptional service to its Realtors and clients. You'll find Lindsey working autonomously with her Administrative Executive, Kayla Lowry on projects throughout the year.

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Jeanne is an exceptional Certified Transaction Coordinator. Her knowledge of paperless programs, commitment to detail and strong work ethic is truly remarkable. Jeanne works autonomously with Administrative Executive Kayla Lowry and Vice President of Operations Linda Pope.

Jeanne is part of CLP's file management department performing file audits, coordinating files with company Realtors, and keeping the lines of communication open throughout the transaction.

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