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Covid-19 Hotline


Provide direction and resources to help property owners and buyers make informed decisions during uncertain times. 


Be extra vigilant to real estate scams during uncertain times. Reports of rental scams, wire fraud and general dishonest dealings is on the rise. 


To confirm licensing status of a Realtor or Broker and view public comment consider visiting under, “verify a license.” 

For trusted information specific to housing and COVID 19 pandemic, consider visiting http://HUD.Gov where you will find several resources, guides and contact information. 

Specific to finance, the CFPB is a branch of government responsible for providing consumer protection. Generally, the CFPB investigates and enforces laws that protect consumers. You can visit their website at

Real Estate Broker

With 18 years of real estate experience at the local, state and national level, Bryan Forrest (Lic. 01941348) is the Broker of Record for California Life Properties, Inc. – Specializing in residential resale, distressed sales and luxury properties. He leads a team of real estate professionals in Orange County, Inland Empire, High Desert and Low Desert communities. 

Taking Your Call

With continued calls from existing clients and public inquiry, this page and phone number is to help guide and direct existing and future clients to trusted resources. We have helped thousands of clients over the years to make informed decisions on purchasing, selling or holding. Often times it could be best to hold property and not sell it given specific circumstances. Should you have questions regarding the housing market or anything real property related, we welcome your call.  

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