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Mastermind Session | COVID 19

Linda Pope, Vice President of Operations never expected to host a company wide virtual meeting on a virus called COVID 19. Yet, on Wednesday March 18 at 1:00 pm company leadership, its Realtors and trusted adviser’s will create a 30 day action plan – together.

“This high minded meeting is designed to gather idea’s from every member of the company and draft a 30 day action plan. A plan that has company wide buy in with purposeful actions,” states Bryan Forrest, founder of the firm.

By design, California Life Properties is ahead of the curve. With a business model built around technology the company can connect people and close transactions across several major markets – virtually. Through online file management, in house video conferencing and multiple support systems, the firm is expected to continue with strong sales through this period of time while meeting health and safety standards.

California Life Properties will release their 30 day plan to each member of the company, clients and community Saturday March 21, 2020.