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Helping Hands

True to our core principle of making a difference, California Life Properties continues to support organizations around its service areas. Annually, selecting members to lead its community engagement committee known as, helping hands. Each fiscal quarter committee members collaborate and select an organization to support. A company wide effort begins to work towards making a difference. Truly, an experience that brings value, care and concern to the lives of people, pets and community.


Family Assistance Program “Hope Bag”

California Life Properties selected the Family Assistance Program to raise awareness and provide daily incidentals to people in transition. This shelter offers advocacy services to victims of domestic violence within the High Desert and Inland Empire communities.
True to its company principle…

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CLP Selects Family Assistance Program

A new chapter begins – Each business quarter California Life Properties, Inc. selects a new way to make a difference in communities its Realtors serve. Company Community Chair Jackie Phillips and C0-Chair Roxanne Wilson have selected the Family Assistance Program. A domestic violence shelter…

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Pawsitively Warm” Collects 200 blankets

A campaign that partnered with the Hesperia Animal shelter to collect blankets, towels and cleaning supplies. This effort was most heartwarming to see all the animals receive warm blankets and upon our visits back using them. Over 200 blankets were collected by CLP Realtors Pawsitively Warm campaign and the company has plans to continue its efforts in 2017.