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The Difference

California Life Properties is the result of a vision founder and principal broker Bryan Forrest launched in 2014 . Having managed national real estate brands for more than a decade, he knew technology would change how Realtors and the entire real estate industry would conduct business in the years to follow. Office space for a typical brokerage has private offices, cubicles, a large bullpen area, training rooms and conference rooms spanning an average 3,000 square feet or more. “During the tech boom and synergies in systems became more affordable to boutique firms, large scale offices that remain today, will eventually be repurposed, Forrest states.” His vision from day one creates a modern, self-sufficient, business center (also known as CLP suites) strategically placed to follow the migration of how people move within southern California. Each location offers the modern Realtor professional space that looks like an upscale café, feels like home and sounds like collaboration among its family of Realtors who list and sell properties between locations.

Beyond brick and mortar locations, The Difference is found in a team of people who call this company home. Each leadership position and every Realtor member invited to join this firm shares a commonality – they are entrepreneurial thinkers and difference makers. Setting a standard of excellence in education, policy and culture that translates into an exceptional southern California real estate experience. For company Realtors, it’s this difference that fuels their careers and leaves a positive impact on the lives of those who seek homeownership.

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